IVA Logo (IVA-only)As the International Vegan Association’s first blog post, we just want give a quick overview of the sorts of things for which we’ll be using this space. While we will have more formal pieces on the other parts of the site, such as our position papers and other educational materials, the blog will provide an opportunity to share perspectives on more time-sensitive matters.

Some posts will focus on current events. Issues concerning animal use often get a lot of media attention. Here on the blog we will discuss some of these topics, how the media is handling them, how other advocates are engaging with the issues, and how this can be instructive for abolitionist advocacy.

In other cases, a group educational meeting—such as one of our chapter’s reading groups or advocacy practice meetings—may give rise to a particularly helpful discussion that we’d like to explore further here.

And sometimes there may be opportunities to discuss recent outreach events we have been involved in, what we took away from them, and how they can inform ongoing and future abolitionist efforts.

We will also use the blog to highlight and summarize some of the in-depth discussions in our position papers.

Ultimately our plan is to use this blog to discuss animal rights issues, activities we are involved in, and to engage with our readers and volunteers.

Look forward to posting more soon!