Vegan Starter Kit Request Form

With the kind and generous help of a private donor, the International Vegan Association funds the printing and distribution of its new full-color Vegan Starter Kit to eligible applicants throughout the world.

As we are all volunteers, there may be some delay in reading and responding to requests, as well as fulfilling shipments, especially when demand is high. We will work as quickly as we can to get requests caught up if this happens. Anyone with a time-sensitive request is asked to flag their timeline very clearly, so that, if possible, we can try to accommodate.

As the IVA is a strictly abolitionist vegan organization, we endorse only particular forms of advocacy work. For this reason and because our funds for this project are not unlimited, we may not send copies of the Vegan Starter Kit to all applicants, or we may send you fewer than you requested, based on our best judgment. But we are strongly committed to funding the printing and distribution of the kit to non-vegans who want to learn more about veganism, and to any vegans and vegan advocacy organizations whose work is consistent with our methodology. The booklets are not intended to be handed out indiscriminately to passersby. Rather, they are meant for people who are actively interested in veganism, and so they should either be handed to someone after a conversation or taken intentionally by someone who is interested in veganism.

The Questions

We are asking interested groups and persons to read and answer the questions in the request form below. Your information will be used only for the purposes of this request and your information will not be sold or added to any contact lists. The questions ask for some detail regarding the nature of your interest in our literature, how you propose to use it, and other related matters. Additionally, we request that you carefully read, and accept where appropriate, a series of conditions related to your potential uses of the Vegan Starter Kits.

If you are applying as an individual, please answer the questions from your own perspective. If you are applying on behalf of a group, please answer from the group’s perspective. All items followed by an asterisk require a response. Please carefully read the linked document regarding the formatting of your address.

For the sake of simplicity and to reduce the risk of losing your answers in the case of a closed tab or accidental browser refresh, we recommend you write your responses in a text editing document with the questions open in your browser and then copy/paste your responses into the contact form when you are ready to submit your application. Please aim to provide answers which are sufficiently detailed but not unnecessarily long. We may not reply to insufficiently detailed requests or requests that lack key information.

Fields marked with a * are required.
Help Text

Please read this page before entering your address. This will help to ensure any package we send arrives at its intended destination. Please note that there is no need to offer a donation to cover shipping costs.

For the next two questions, please take the time to answer with meaningful details. Knowing what you intend to do with the literature and what is motivating you to use it will help us ascertain whether fulfilling your request is a good use of limited resources.

The IVA is an abolitionist vegan organization. Please help us understand why you're vegan and the influences on your vegan advocacy by providing specifics (including influential ideas, books, authors, other advocates, and so forth).

If you are not yet vegan, please let us know what sparked your interest in veganism.

If you're new to veganism, please let us know why you are interested in receiving this Vegan Starter Kit.

If you are requesting the literature for distribution, bear in mind that they are not to be used indiscriminately, e.g., no standing on street corners, trying to get people to take one. They should be handed to someone after a conversation or be taken intentionally by someone who is interested in veganism. Please share any specific details you have regarding how you intend to use the Vegan Starter Kit, such as tabling location and setup, etc.

We ship Vegan Starter Kits in envelopes of 2, 3, 5, and 10 kits, as well as medium Priority Flat Rate boxes of about 70 kits. Feel free to multiple your request by these packing quantities (e.g., 2 envelopes x 10 kits = 20 kits). However, if you're requesting more than a few kits, let us know why a smaller quantity would be insufficient. Please be conservative with your request; we can always send more later if you've made good use of the first batch.

Read the following conditions carefully and check only those conditions which you are confident that you will be able to satisfy.

The IVA believes that veganism is a moral baseline for a legitimate animal rights movement and rejects as illegitimate any forms of advocacy which promote or accept violence, ‘vegetarianism,’ ‘humane’ animal use, etc.

Most other popular documents (including most that appear to promote veganism) conflict with the messages contained in our Vegan Starter Kit. If you intend to distribute our VSK alongside Prof. Gary Francione’s literature, no approval is necessary.

The IVA seeks to continually refine the VSK. Your feedback is crucial to this process.

Sharing a photo with us implies consent to use it non-commercially (e.g. on Facebook or this website). Please provide any information you might want us to have if we caption the photo (names, location, etc.).