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IVA position paper PDFs now available in A4

We’ve updated our position papers page to include A4 PDF versions for easier printing and sharing in countries where A4 is standard. You can print these to share at a stall or table, forward them to others by email, and link them from your own site or blog. Simply use the (A4) link immediately following […]

Desert-Island Questions

“Would you kill and eat a rabbit if you were stranded on a desert island?” Conversations about veganism often drift toward questions about what one would do in order to save one’s own life. If you’re a vegan, you’ve probably been asked this question or something quite like it. Actually, you’ve probably been asked the […]

An Abolitionist Elevator Pitch

As you walk onto an elevator, someone already standing inside notices your “Vegan”-labeled shirt. She says: “Oh, you’re vegan, interesting! Why?” You notice that she’ll be getting off a few floors up, so you only have enough time for a few quick sentences. How can you make the most of your opportunity? As we emphasized […]

certified humane myth

“The Myth” of Humane Animal Use?

It has become very popular to talk about “the myth” of humane animal use. Indeed, a number of animal protection organizations which have sprung up in the last decade have relied on this idea in their marketing and fundraising. Talk of “the myth” is everywhere. Of course, it’s true that humane animal use is a […]

The Importance of Reading

The IVA periodically hosts animal ethics reading groups, both locally and online. Our current online reading group is coming to a close later this month, and it is being capped off by a discussion led by Professor Gary Francione. Our reading groups work through many of the classic writings in animal rights theory and methodology, as well […]

New Position Paper Available: Why Does the IVA Discourage Donations?

We have received many inquiries about how to donate to us here at the IVA. Some people have been surprised to learn that we do not solicit donations and that, as a general matter, we refuse unsolicited donations. In our new position paper on donations, we explain our somewhat unusual position on this matter. As […]

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