The International Vegan Association prepares and distributes educational resources, some of which can be used in public outreach efforts. Here are a few of our publicly available resources, in addition to our blog:

NEW! Tear-off flyer – This new resource is a small version of our tabling poster to grab the attention of passers-by with the basics of why we ought to be vegan, which includes a row of tear-off tabs and a QR code directing people to our Vegan Starter Kit online. To download the tear-off flyer for printing and distribution, visit this page. You’ll find the flyer in US letter color, A4 color, US letter monochrome, A4 monochrome, US letter monochrome (uses less ink), and A4 monochrome (uses less ink).

The IVA's updated Vegan Starter KitVegan Starter Kit: Respecting Animals Means Going Vegan booklet – The Vegan Starter Kit replaces our long-time vegan advocacy pamphlet, Respecting Animals Means Going Vegan, which started as a piece of literature used in the Boston area and ended up being shipped around the world for use by various grassroots activists. The full color Vegan Starter Kit is 28 pages and affords us to space to offer a moral argument in favor of veganism, a nutrition guide, and some recipes, as well as guidance on what to do after going vegan. View the VSK and request copies for your own use.

nutrition-guide-cover-photoVegan Nutrition Basics – First printed in 2011 by the Boston Vegan Association, we have edited and reconceived the pre-printed quad-fold Demystifying Vegan Nutrition pamphlet as a self-printable trifold US Letter and A4 PDF called Vegan Nutrition Basics to provide a quick overview of vegan nutrition. Our Vegan Starter Kit goes into greater depth, while our most complete information can be viewed online.

FAQs. We currently offer a set of frequently asked questions about veganism. This FAQ is intended for individuals who are beginning to think about veganism and animal rights. We have no current plans to produce printed copies of our FAQs, but we encourage you to share links to these resources with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Position Papers. We occasionally release position papers that clarify or explain important aspects of our mandate, when these issues could not be appropriately explored in a short blog post. They are available as PDFs for easy sharing. Printed copies are popular takeaways at activist tables, as they address some major questions people have regarding welfare reforms, whether it’s always wrong to consume animal products, and why we discourage donations.

Vegan apple crispNEW! Recipes. Entrees, salads, soups, and desserts from our Vegan Starter Kit.

More may be added over time as web-only and for future revisions of the VSK.