The International Vegan Association prepares and distributes educational resources, some of which can be used in public outreach efforts. We currently have four main public resources, in addition to our blog:

  • Respecting Animals

    “Respecting Animals Means Going Vegan” (pamphlet). First printed in 2009 under the Boston Vegan Association banner, our full color Respecting Animals pamphlet makes a concise moral argument in favor of veganism. Respecting Animals is not intended to be a standalone document, but rather a handy complement to a conversation, or a “leave-behind” document after a presentation. Color copies of Respecting Animals have been distributed free-of-charge to abolitionist advocates for years. View the pamphlet and request copies for your own use.

  • nutrition-guide-cover-photo“Demystifying Vegan Nutrition” (pamphlet). First printed in 2011 by the Boston Vegan Association, this pamphlet offers a concise overview of some of the most important aspects of plant-based nutrition. The pamphlet’s content can be viewed online, and we distribute color copies of the pamphlet free-of-charge to abolitionist advocates. To request copies of our nutrition pamphlet, please contact us.

  • Position Papers. We occasionally release position papers that clarify or explain important aspects of our mandate, when these issues could not be appropriately explored in a short blog post.

  • FAQs. We currently offer a set of frequently asked questions about veganism. This FAQ is intended for individuals who are beginning to think about veganism and animal rights. We are also in the process of revising a continuing FAQ from the Boston Vegan Association’s website for people who are already vegan. It will be linked again from here once that revision is complete. At present, we have no plans to produce print copies of our FAQs, but we encourage you to share links to these resources with your friends, family, and colleagues.

We are currently developing a comprehensive, full-color IVA-branded Vegan Starter Kit which will combine some of the best elements of our existing materials with a bunch of new and exciting content. Printed copies of our Vegan Starter Kits will be offered free-of-charge to abolitionist advocates. Additional content will follow.