New Position Paper Available: Why Does the IVA Discourage Donations?

We have received many inquiries about how to donate to us here at the IVA. Some people have been surprised to learn that we do not solicit donations and that, as a general matter, we refuse unsolicited donations. In our new position paper on donations, we explain our somewhat unusual position on this matter.

As it turns out, explaining why we discourage donations requires us to take a step back and reflect on a broader set of related issues: on the significant risks and potential harms caused by formal organizations within our movement, on the importance of individual advocacy, on the limited positive role that carefully administered groups can play, and on the existence of the IVA itself.

We invite you to read our new position paper, Why Does the IVA Discourage Donations? (And Why Does it Exist At All?). And we invite you to share our paper with others, to discuss what we say, and to let us know what you think.