Campus Advocacy

How can the IVA help me get active on campus?

The IVA can work with you or your vegan/animal rights group to help promote veganism on your campus. We offer a variety of resources:

  • Developing the club. An experienced advocate from the IVA is available to talk to your club about effective animal advocacy. If there is sufficient interest, we can produce an animal rights reading group over the course of a semester to educate your club. We also recommend participating in summer reading groups offered by the IVA, to prevent the workload from interfering with school work.
  • School presentations, sponsored by the club. In high school classrooms or assemblies, as we identify college and university campus groups that are ready to host a speaker with an abolitionist message and educate the people who turn to the group for more information, a chapter of the IVA will provide an experienced local public speaker at no cost to the hosting group to deliver a presentation on the moral obligation to become vegan. There is no limit on the size of the group, but it is essential that, if a campus group is hosting the event, its members understand and agree with the abolitionist approach discussed here on this site and elaborated on in our reading group.
  • Coordinating on-campus activities with the club. The IVA can make available experienced public advocates from a local IVA chapter to student organizations for assistance with tabling, leafleting and coordinating similar sorts of public education, providing a great learning opportunity for club members in the process.
  • Providing vegan literature to the club. We offer free high-quality vegan nutrition guides, as well as vegan advocacy pamphlets that are available free to clubs who have the knowledge to use them properly.

To learn more about how the IVA can work with you to increase animal rights and vegan awareness at your school, email us, including the words “campus outreach” on your subject line.