New Position Paper Available: Is It Always Wrong To Consume Animal Products?

Many people don’t understand why vegans abstain from consuming and using animals and animal products even in very small quantities. For example, many products which could otherwise be free from animal products include ingredients such as “natural flavors,” which in some cases are animal-derived. In our new position paper on veganism and trace animal ingredients, we ask: “Does it matter whether vegans avoid these products, and if so, why?”

Recognizing that billions of animals are used, harmed, and killed every year, a person might become vegan because she believes that she should avoid causing harm and death. But she might observe that whether she consumes a specific product containing an almost-invisible, trace quantity of a dairy derivative couldn’t possibly make a difference to the amount of harm she causes to animals. And this person might conclude, then, that there is no good reason to avoid such a product. Our new position paper investigates whether this “harm-avoidance view” is really the best rationale for veganism.

We encourage you to read our new paper, Is It Always Wrong To Consume Animal Products?to see our full position and to consider the advice we offer on how we can navigate this issue in our day-to-day lives.