Abolitionist? Educator?

Tabling at a public event

If you are a committed abolitionist who agrees with the IVA’s mission and values, and with the six principles of the abolitionist approach to animal rights, then we invite you to draw on our extensive resources for education and advocacy.

Print Resources

First, we invite you to apply for free copies of our Vegan Starter Kit, which you can use for tabling and other interpersonal advocacy.

Meeting Resources

Second, you may benefit from our in-depth resources for running local, grassroots education meetings. Most importantly, we have a complete course package for a nine-meeting reading group on animal rights ideology and methodology. The package includes a course description, a reading list, a (fair use-compliant) package of digital readings, a list of in-depth discussion questions for each meeting, and a leader’s guide to help a facilitator run the meetings and respond to questions.

Advocacy Practice MeetingWe also have a series of advocacy practice meeting kits, which can be used to run ongoing meetings on various topics relevant to abolitionist advocacy and education. For example, we have kits for meetings about the role of property status in abolitionist theory, the defects of welfarism, single-issue campaigns, and other topics. These meetings are intended to help advocates become more familiar with the issues and arguments that are important to interpersonal advocacy, and to give advocates a space to practice speaking about these topics with others.

If you are interested in accessing these materials, please write to us and explain your interest. Note that we are always available to you as a resource. Should you encounter any difficulty in using these materials (or even if you simply have some feedback), you are encouraged to get in touch.

IVA Chapters

Finally, you may consider founding a chapter of the International Vegan Association in your area. If you are interested in forming a new IVA chapter in your city or region, or you are interested in affiliating your existing abolitionist animal rights group with the IVA, please write to us or call us (+1 617-982-2891) to tell us about your circumstances, activities, and needs. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.