New to Veganism?

If you have made it to this page, then you are interested in finding out more about veganism, animal rights, and the International Vegan Association. Welcome! We hope not to overwhelm you with information, and we encourage you to browse all of our site’s content at your leisure. For now we want to draw your attention to a few particular parts of the site that we think will be of greatest use to you as someone new.

Why be vegan?

First, since you are probably interested in learning more about what veganism is and why someone would decide to be vegan, please take a look at our handy set of answers to frequently asked questions about veganism and our Vegan Starter Kit. Together, these two resources will explain in brief why the IVA exists and why we think that you should be vegan.

How to be vegan

nutrition-guide-cover-photoSecond, if you have any questions or concerns about the dietary aspects of veganism, we encourage to check out our nutrition guide and recipes. The short primer ought to reassure you that just about anyone, at any stage of life, can lead a healthful and fulfilling life as a vegan.

Get to know the IVA

For more information about the IVA, visit our About page. We hope that you’ll reach out to us to chat personally. If it turns out that you happen to live near an IVA chapter or volunteer, we would be happy to arrange an in-person meeting. Otherwise, we are also available to answer your questions and offer you support by email and phone (+1 617-982-2891).

Next steps

In addition to reading the materials provided above and reaching out to us any time for additional information or support, you may wonder what the next step ought to be for someone new to veganism. We’re in favor of educating yourself as much as possible about the reasons for being vegan and becoming more skilled at discussing those reasons with others. To that end, check out our blog and position papers, which will be updated from time to time.

We also offer an online animal rights reading group, which surveys key literature influential to the development of the animal rights movement and which helps bring into focus what’s at stake and what we need to do in order to meaningfully protect animals.

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