New Position Paper Available: Welfare Reform Work

The IVA strongly believes, following Professor Gary Francione’s arguments, that animal use ought to be abolished, that each of us has a moral obligation to be vegan, and that all animal advocacy efforts should be strictly dedicated to abolitionist vegan education.

Certified Humane Strikethrough

There are some vegans who agree that we should not use animals, but whose advocacy efforts are nevertheless focused on so-called “welfare reform” work. In our new position paper, we explain why the IVA rejects all forms of advocacy that seek to reform, regulate or make more humane our society’s use of animals.

The IVA believes the best way forward is to reject all forms of animal use, and to commit to building a transformative social movement focused on public education, helping to demonstrate why we must stop using animals. We hope that you will enjoy our new position paper and we welcome you to contact us to share your thoughts!